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About the MailCOPA Email Client

The MailCOPA email client is robust, flexible and suitable for all types of user from the single home user to large corporate network users and help desks. With its capabilities including: sophisticated message filtering and sorting methods, extensive protection against SPAM, integration with virus protection software and immunity from viruses that attack Outlook address books, it offers a powerful alternative to most other email program on the market.

MailCOPA was designed from the beginning for networking capability and thus offers users the ability to access any mailbox from anywhere in the network and even simultaneously with other users.

MailCOPA email client is supported on Windows versions 2000, XP, 2003, vista and 2008 platforms.

MailCOPA was designed and developed by InterVations Ltd from its offices in the UK and USA, backed up by a dedicated team of professionals providing engineering, testing and support around the world. The MailCOPA  email client is affordable and incredibly useful.  


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InterVations is so confident you will be happy with MailCOPA we are giving it to you, fully functional and with full support for 30 days.  The only limitation is a 10 second loading delay to remind you how many days you have left of your trial period.

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